Overwatch Open IV


HND: Overwatch Open – IV

Qualifiers: December 9th
Finals: December 10th


Welcome to HND Gaming’s fourth Overwatch tournament! We are a large and highly active Discord community, with people from around the world. We have put this tournament together in the hopes to meet new teams and see some awesome game play. Feel free to join the discord, hangout, and meet a few of us!



This tournament is open to everyone, all games will be played on the EU servers and scheduled at times that are most reasonable for EU players. There will be two events: Qualifiers and Finals. Sign-ups require teams of 6 with up to 2 subs and you must provide your teams average Season 2 competitive rank. There is a team limit of 28 for HND: Overwatch Open IV, so tell your friends, and their friends, and everyone else!



  • Qualifiers will be run in a round robin format on December 9th. Each team in a group must play one another in a BO1 format, the top two teams with the most wins in their group will move to the Finals Bracket.
  • Finals will be a double elimination bracket held on December 10th. There will be 8 total spots, filled by the top two teams of each Round Robin group. All games will be BO3, Grand Finals will be BO5.



Our grand prize for the Overwatch Open IV Tournament will be: 300



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We also have several custom HND T-shirts to be won during our tournament stream!

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Click here for our Overwatch Open rules page



Alternatively, here’s the direct Battlefy tournament page.